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From the Laurier Center for Military Strategic and Disarmament Studies to help students better understand Canadian participation in World War I and II


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The Canadian Battlefields in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany

by Terry Copp & Mike Bechthold


Along with examining battles in Belgium, Netherlands and Germany this book examines terrible battles fought at Ypres and Passchendaele. Illustrated with photos and colour.


Soft, 2011, colour - $42.95

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The Canadian Battlefields in Italy: Sicily and Southern Italy

by Eric McGeer and Terry Copp

This book provides students with a concise account of the campaigns in Sicily and Southern Italy. Contains photos and war art never before published.

Soft. 2007, colour, maps - $36.95

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The Canadian Battlefields in Italy: Ortona and the Liri Valley

A guide to the Battlefields in the Italian Campaign during the Second World War. The book offers battle maps, photos and war art.


Soft, 2007, colour, maps - $36.95

The Canadian Battlefields in Italy: The Gothic Line and the Battle of The Rivers.

by Eric McGeer

We follow the "Maple Leaf" route from the landing beaches in Sicily to the banks of the Senio River and explore the sights of the major battles fought by the Canadian soldiers in their longest land campaign of the WWII


Soft, 2010, colour, maps- $42.95

The Canadian Battlefields in Normandy

by Terry Copp and Mike Bechthold

This is a revised guide to the Normandy Battlefields. From the great Vimy Pilgrimage of 1936 to the D-Day anniversaries of recent times. Canadians have been drawn to the memorials and place names which are a vital part of our history.

Soft, 2008, colour - $39.95


Please download a PDF of our orderform